Extinction Rebellion protests take over London’s Smithfield Market

Those who do not comply with the order and move their belongings will be arrested, though many camping on the corner of Horseferry Road and Marsham Street, near to the Home Office, still intend to stay.

Despite police warnings and the risk of arrest, many protesters had no plans to move their tents to Trafalgar Square.

One activist in his twenties said: “They came round and told us that we should be moving on. I don’t think we are going to move on. It’s not a risk if you know you’re going to be arrested. It’s something I’ll do if I need to.

“We’ve got extremely good legal support and it’s a very well set-up organisation so I feel like I’ll be supported all through the way. An arrest doesn’t mean a conviction.”

Another young activist added that there was no pressure from the movement to protest in a particular way.

“Just because you’re being arrested doesn’t mean you do or don’t support Extinction Rebellion any more than the next person,” she said.

“There are people within this group that support this group very much and they won’t be getting arrested, but they support everybody.”

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