Hollywood’s Top Business Managers of 2019

David Weise

David Weise

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Since his firm’s 1999 launch, Weise has expanded its focus beyond his love of rock ‘n’ roll. So the likes of Usher, Skrillex, Deadmau5 and The Weeknd have joined Coldplay, Jack White and Carole King on the roster. The Encino-based company also works with actors, writers and athletes — but Weise is most proud of his 20-year relationship with Irish American punk band Flogging Molly. He says they had one of their best years ever last year and already are set for eventual retirement. “That gives me the most satisfaction,” he says. “You can actually make a difference in people’s lives.” In early 2019, Weise’s firm became a division of NKSFB, part of a growing consolidation trend in the industry. Another trend? “State tax payments are no longer deductible at the federal level, so many of our clients are moving out of the state of California into tax-friendly states like Washington, Texas, Tennessee and Florida.”

Riskiest investment in 2019 “On a funny note, but this is no joke: Stay away from anyone who is coming to you with an investment proposal who is driving a pink Ferrari. That has actually happened.”

Splurge that pays off “The best recommended splurge right now, if you can do it, is moving out of an aggressive tax state like California or New York into a more friendly state that doesn’t have state income tax. You have to make it your home residence. You have to go through all the necessary steps. It’s not just how many days you are in the state, but also who your doctors are, where your kids go to school. A lot of states are very aggressive, especially California, because they have the ability to look at where your cell phone is, where you spend your time, credit card statements. You really need to be legitimate.”

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