Is Elizabeth Warren Surging? These 3 Democrats Lead the Field as Trump Battles Impeachment

It’s being seen as a game-changer for the Democratic Party: now three of the remaining 19 candidates have pulled away from the rest, clawing their way to the top of the 2020 presidential campaign.

The big gainer? Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren. 

Joe Biden, who’s been caught up in the web of President Trump’s impeachment inquiry, is right there with Warren at the top. 

And even after a heart attack, self-described socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders is hot on their trail.

Biden has held a steady lead in polling but has seen a drop in third-quarter fundraising. Now Warren is topping the former vice president in some polls, and at just over $25 million, Warren pulled in the biggest pile of cash last quarter out of the nearly 20 candidates. 

Close behind, Sanders pulled in just under $25 million and is leading the 16 other candidates in most polls.

Biden’s $15 million draw puts him in fourth place behind candidate Pete Buttigieg in the money game for the 2020 White House run.

Energizing her campaign, chants of “two cents” have become a frequent rallying cry at Warren campaign events. Warren’s wealth tax of two cents on the dollar amounts to an annual two-per-cent tax on wealth over $50 million, and would require ultra-wealthy Americans to “pitch in two cents so everybody has a chance to make it in America,” said Warren. 

Sanders has an even more aggressive tax plan on extreme wealth, and both are favorites among liberal voters. 

But with Warren winning three out of four recent polls, moderate voters are taking Warren’s two cents seriously.

“She’s trying to be the tortoise in the race,” said Nathan Gonzales, editor, and publisher of “Inside Elections.”

On CBN News’ “Faith Nation,” Gonzalez attributed Warren’s rise to a slow and steady campaign strategy.  

“It’s still complicated,” he added. “As long as Bernie Sanders is in the race, it’s complicated for her to overtake Vice President Biden, but we have a long way to go.” 

If slow and steady wins the race, Sanders could be in luck. 

Days after suffering a heart attack, the 78-year-old was planning to slow his campaign, but that didn’t stop the Vermont senator’s campaign from releasing a plan to ban corporate money from politics. 

“Let’s break them up,” said Warren at a recent union event in Los Angeles.

The 70-year-old Massachusetts senator wants to break up big tech giants that she says are violating anti-trust laws. 

At the same event, Warren’s 76-year-old rival and former vice president took on Wall Street. 
“Wall Street did not build America, the middle class built America and unions built the middle class, period,” said Biden. 

Wall Street is a familiar punching bag for all the Democrats and Biden’s perch at the top of the field relies in part on his appeal to blue-collar Democrats.

The former VP may be against some far-left plans like Medicare-for-All, but has pledged to eliminate President Trump’s tax cuts. 

For that and for his top-dog status, Biden has become Trump’s favorite target.

“I believe there was tremendous corruption with Biden,” said President Trump recently on the White House South Lawn.

Biden’s name is now mentioned almost daily because of the impeachment inquiry into President Trump for pressuring Ukraine’s president to investigate the Biden family.

“This guy, like all bullies, is a coward. He does not want to run against me,” said Biden of the 73-year-old President Trump. 

Biden calls the pay-to-play allegations in Ukraine unfounded, and said recently that “this is not about me, this is not about my son.”

Democrats in the bottom tier of the race are taking advantage of Biden’s Ukraine problem by keeping their fire trained on Trump. 

“This president has basically put his own business interests, his own political interests, his own partisan interests, in front of this country,” said presidential candidate and Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar.

Sen. Kamala Harris, the presidential candidate from California, said, “Let’s be clear, essentially what we’ve got here, is a walking indictment walking in a red tie.”

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