State representative calls for repeal of Illinois gas tax hike

CHICAGO (HOI) — State Representative Allen Skillicorn (R-East Dundee) is calling on legislators to repeal the Illinois gas tax hike and capital funding plan following an FBI investigation into Sen. Martin Sandoval (D-Chicago).

The federal investigation of Sandoval’s office and home was focused on corruption within the Illinois Department of Transportation.

“The pay to play culture in Illinois politics is again rearing it’s ugly head,” said Skillicorn. “These allegations raise serious questions about the capital bill and what this legislation was really about. Did we just raise the gas tax to pad the pockets of connected insiders in Illinois?”

Sandoval was the chief sponsor of Senate Bill 1939, a $45 billion infrastructure and transportation spending plan commonly referred to as the “Rebuild Illinois” capital plan. He resigned as the chairman of the Senate Transportation Committee on Friday. The Senate Democratic Caucus has not named a replacement to chair the committee.

Skillicorn says lawmakers should “pump the brakes” on the capital plan and start over with a clean proposal.

“Illinois residents deserve to know that the money they are paying in additional taxes is not going to take care of connected insiders and corrupt politicians,” Skillicorn said.

The suburban Republican says he will file legislation to repeal the infrastructure plan before veto session begins October 28.

“The bottom line is I am giving the leaders in the House and the Senate the opportunity to do the right thing,” Skillicorn said. “It is up to them if they want to take it.”

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