Brexit delay in EU hands as Boris Johnson mulls General Election

Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn asks Boris Johnson whether he still “agrees with himself” after the Prime Minister ruled out putting a customs border in the Irish Sea, before doing just that in his Brexit deal.

“I believe that the Union is preserved,” Johnson says. “I think it’s a bit rich to hear from (Corbyn) about his sentimental attachment to the fabric of the union … when he has spent most of his political lifetime supporting the IRA,” Johnson adds, to cheers from his backbenchers.

“The United Kingdom is preserved whole and entire by these arrangements,” the PM adds.

Johnson is then asked by Scottish National Party lawmaker Ian Blackford whether the Scottish Parliament will have any say in the Brexit process.

The Prime Minister predictably says no, but he then adds that Blackford’s party and other opposition groups should back his offer of a general election.

It’s notable that Johnson isn’t walking back his election rhetoric, given that it now looks a far more realistic prospect if the EU grants a Brexit delay.

Blackford follows up by urging Johnson to indeed call for a poll. “What an exciting development,” Johnson replies. “Perhaps he might pass some of his courage down the line.”

Johnson then takes a question from one of his backbenchers, asking when Britain will leave the EU.

He starts his answer by repeating his favorite slogan — before adding a rather important caveat. “We will leave the EU on October 31, if honorable members opposite will comply,” Johnson says.

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