Michael Dougherty Offers Latest Thoughts on ‘Trick ‘r Treat 2’; Is It Ever Happening? Should It Ever Happen?

It’s now been 10 years since we were introduced to horror/Halloween icon Sam in Michael Dougherty‘s Trick ‘r Treat, and the anthology film’s fanbase has only grown with each passing year. But despite the increasing popularity of the movie and its lovable little pumpkin boy, we’re still no closer to getting that sequel we were promised way back in 2013.

Comic books, Halloween decorations, action figures and all kinds of merchandise have been released in the past decade, but for now, Trick ‘r Treat 2 remains as elusive as ever.

So what’s the latest on all that? It’s inevitable that someone asks Dougherty about the potential sequel each and every October, and ComicBookMovie.com is that outlet this year.

Oh man, it’s that time of year! I feel like that’s become the new Halloween tradition: ask Mike about Trick ‘r Treat 2! [Laughs] Listen, I’m intrigued by the idea and it’s completely up to Legendary,” Dougherty recently told the site. “It’s been a few years since we initially talked about it and there’s been a regime change since then. They still have the property and they love it and there’s still a long line of merchandise and a continuing line of comic books based on the film but the ball is in their court.”

“The moment they say they’re interested and ready to go, we’ll see if the stars align.”

Dougherty continued, “At the same time, I think there’s something to be said about not sequelising it. In a business that is obsessed with franchising and spinoffs and prequels and sequels, maybe there’s something to be said about just leaving it alone.”

What do you think? Should Dougherty and Legendary try to recapture the magic from 10+ years ago or should they move on to something new altogether? Sound off below.

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