Third KTM 1290 Super Duke R Teaser May Induce Foaming At Mouth

If the entire point of a teaser is to get you excited about the thing that it’s teasing, then judging merely by its pre-EICMA 2019 teaser trio KTM is clearly a master of the genre. With only a couple of weeks to go before November 5, 2019, Team Orange just released the third in its #GETDUKED series. Are you ready for the 1290 Super Duke R yet? 

From that first tentative view of the Akrapovič exhaust, accompanied (of course!) by that extremely mean exhaust growl, this 25-second teaser showcases all the frenetic activity of thrashing this brand new beastie around a track. 

You get several fast cuts of pit crew members performing different tasks for just a couple of frames each. Short sequences of holding a pit board, getting ready to work some mechanical magic on a bike in pit lane, tending to logistics, and anxiously watching the race with a headset on flash by. All of it is a whirlwind, expertly whipping up your emotions with the kind of exhilaration only racing fans truly know and love. 

Who will win? Presumably all of us on November 5, when KTM reveals what is almost certainly the 1290 Super Duke R. KTM’s old hashtag, #ReadyToRace, still looks to be apropos here—even if #GetDuked is currently the new, cool kid on the block. 

As I mentioned yesterday, this particular exercise handily demonstrates that there are, indeed, ways to use your 20-ish second teaser wisely. KTM seems to understand this in a way that Suzuki evidently doesn’t—at least, not at the moment. Even KTM’s very first teaser ahead of EICMA 2019 did more to build anticipation about their announcement than what Suzuki has so far been able to accomplish. 

KTM, you most definitely have our attention, and we can’t wait to see what you’re unveiling at EICMA. That happy day is now exactly two weeks away—and we are eagerly counting down.

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