Snapshot of Moyne Shire Council annual report

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Moyne Shire Council has released its annual report for 2018-19. Moyne Gazette sorted through the report and found some interesting reading. Council’s officer leadership structure is: Bill Millard (chief executive), Adam Boyle (acting director economic development and planning), Kevin Leddin (director community and corporate services), Trevor Greenberger (director infrastructure and environment), Michelle Grainger (executive manager major projects), Robyn Olsen (manager building, planning and health), Jenny Madden (acting manager of tourism and customer experience), Jan Consedine (manager community services), Jacquie Anderton (manager cultural and community services), Susie Kewley (manager organisational development), Craig Ralston (manager of finance and ICT), Leah Johnston (manager works and engineering), Robert Gibson (manager environment and regulatory services), Darren Dumesny (manager assets and contracts). Males working full-time remain the most represented in the Moyne Shire Council workforce. Of the 231.40 full-time council employees, 117 full-time males are on the books, with the bulk of those (95) under the infrastructure and environment banner. Part-time female workers are next in line, with 57.95 in these roles. Of those, 41.76 are in community and corporate services. Other employee categories include full-time female (46), part-time male (6.98), casual female (3.07) and causal male (0.40). Infrastructure and environment (112.80) is the most densely populated area of employees, followed by community and corporate services (82.26), economic development and planning (33.81) and governance (2.53). Subjects of training courses undertaken by council employees during 2018-19 included equal opportunity bullying and harassment, asbestos awareness, chipper chainsaw and pole saw use, leading a Child Safe Organisation, managing mental illness in the workplace. Moyne Shire is responsible for the maintenance of a local sealed road network that measures 1700 kilometres. They also have 1100km on unsealed roads. Bridges and culverts are also on the council’s radar with 240 in its control. Council also provides maintenance for 280 public buildings while it carries pout garden maintenance for 28 township sites. A key source of revenue for Moyne Shire comes from the running of the Mount Shadwell Quarry in Mortlake. The quarry provided a $666,000 dividend for council. Libraries continue to be a relevant part of life in Moyne with almost one in 10 people across the shire holding a membership to their local library. In 2019, libraries reported 9.86 per cent of the population had a library card, slightly down from 9.87 in 2018. Activities and programs aimed at pre-school and school-aged children continue to be popular at libraries. Parents in Moyne are also accessing the maternal and child health services the shire has on offer. Numbers show 70.60 per cent of children in Moyne used the maternal and child health services at least once a year. The state government ranks Moyne Shire as a category 2 council, with councillor wages set according to this structure. Councillors can also claim expense allowances for conferences and training expenses, car mileage, information and communications and travel. Here is a breakdown of each councillor: Cr Mick Wolfe – $86,666 (wage) $16,000 (mileage), $943 (information and communication), $7404 (conferences and training), $3078 (travel). Cr Jim Doukas – $27,944 (wage) $15,847 (mileage), $827 (information and communication), $3,394 (conferences and training), $0 (travel). Cr Jill Parker – $27,944 (wage) $7,687 (mileage), $943 (information and communication), $7404 (conferences and training), $3078 (travel). Cr Colin Ryan – $27,944 (wage) $6,704 (mileage), $736 (information and communication), $0 (conferences and training), $84 (travel). Cr Ian Smith – $27,944 (wage) $16,485 (mileage), $394 (information and communication), $214 (conferences and training), $1,726 (travel). Cr Daniel Meade – $27,944 (wage) $8205 (mileage), $1822 (information and communication), $577 (conferences and training), $0 (travel). Cr Jordan Lockett – $27,944 (wage) $6,012 (mileage), $1187 (information and communication), $282 (conferences and training), $0 (travel). Council has reported a surplus of $6 million. This is adjusted to deficit of a $1.11 million after removing non-recurrent capital grants, cash capital contributions and non-monetary capital contributions. Of council revenue, 44.37 per cent came from rates, up from 41.04 the previous year. The average rate assessment in Moyne was $1669.

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