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The former Labour Prime Minister was grilled by the BBC host on his thoughts on the state of UK politics and the Brexit deadlock. The presenter ascertained that the arch-Remainer did not want Brexit or a general election to break the current Parliamentary stalemate over the UK’s departure from the EU, just a second referendum. Baffled, Mr Neil was forced to ask Mr Blair: “What kind of democrat are you?”

Viewers took to social media to further condemn Mr Blair, with one angry Brexiteer calling him “cretinous” in a furious post.

They said: “#andrewneilshow How the hell does the cretinous Tony Blair think that a remain win in a 2nd referendum will unify the country??? Got to be kidding!! 17.4million will have more than a say!! #Brexit.”

Another said: “Tony Blair sold UK out so he could one day be President of a Federal Europe.”

Another added: “Watched Tony Blair on the Andrew Neil show tonight. Surely Mr Blair is sick of the sound of his own voice by now?”


The former Labour Prime Minister was grilled by the BBC host (Image: BBC)


The appearance sparked fury from the British public on social media (Image: GETTY)

A forth said: “There are very very few people in this world that make my blood boil but Tony Blair is one of them. He represents the very worst side of politics.”

A fifth commenter added: “Watching Tony Blair on Brexit is like watching the same Friends Episode for the tenth time.

“He shouldn’t be asked his opinion on anything to do with how this country is run.”

Another, speaking directly to Mr Neil, said: “Sorry Andrew, you mentioned two words guaranteed to turn large numbers of viewers off… Tony Blair.”

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In the segment this evening, Mr Neil said Mr Blair feared the result of a general election and therefore doesn’t want to have one.

He added the former leader wants a second referendum because he “doesn’t like the result of the first”.

Speaking on the BBC Two’s Andrew Neil show, Mr Blair, when asked what sort of democrat he was, replied: “I’m a perfectly sensible one.”

Mr Blair continued: “The reason we’re in this mess is Brexit. It’s not a general question of politics, it’s Brexit.”


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Mr Neil added: “The reason we haven’t moved forward is because Parliament can’t agree on a way forward so have an election.”

Mr Blair said: “If Brexit is your problem and Brexit’s the question so go back to the people on Brexit.

“The question should actually be put the other way around the Boris Johnson’s of this world.

“Why are they worried about asking the people if they want a no deal Brexit.


The Brexit deadline is moving closer (Image: EXPRESS.CO.UK)

“The answer to that is they’re afraid they will lose.”

His comments come as Prime Minister Boris Johnson has asked the Opposition to take him on in a snap general election under the Fixed Term Parliaments Act.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn refused the offer twice and said it was more important to block a no deal Brexit first.

Mr Blair added on the show: “I’m worried about a Brexit general election for the reason I’ve just given you.

“You could end up in the situation where despite a majority of the votes cast for parties that are anti-no deal the Government claims a majority for no deal as a result of the way the electoral system works.

“To be honest you’re right there are people who will be opposed to no deal think that is a risk.

“But they think the election of Jeremy Corbyn is a more substantial risk.

“That’s not the basis on which we should decide Brexit.”


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