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Kolikoita vanhan ihmisen kädessä.

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The state benefits administrator Kela reports that about 15,000 low-income residents of Finland have not applied for the guarantee pension to which they are entitled. Kela states that the purpose of the guarantee pension is to provide residents with a minimum pension of roughly 784 euros per month in the absence of other pension income.

Eligible Finnish residents can receive the full guarantee pension only if they do not receive any other pension income. For those who receive other pension income, this amount they receive is deducted from the guarantee pension.

Finland’s Act on Guarantee Pensions says that earnings-related pensions, national pensions, spouse’s pensions and pensions payable under a statutory workers compensation scheme must be deducted, but things like care allowances, veteran’s supplements, and earnings and capital income will not cause reductions.

Kela reports that some 103,500 people in Finland receive the guarantee pension, according to figures from the end of August. Of these, around 100,000 also receive the national pension. Kela says deductions from other pensions mean that the average amount of guarantee pension that Finnish residents receive monthly is 179 euros.

The social benefits administrator encourages people who feel they might be eligible for the minimum pension to fill out a Kela application online, via a phone call or with a paper form. The application has a six-month retroactive period.

Applicants must have lived in Finland for at least 3 years after reaching the age of 16 years to be eligible. Persons who have immigrated to Finland are entitled to a guarantee pension if they have reached the age of 65 or started receiving a disability allowance when they were under the age of 16.

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