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In a brief meeting on Monday night, the Dewey City Council heard a sales tax report from City Manager Kevin Trease.

With this go around with the sales tax report, Trease didn’t have much to say. He only had a little bit of disappointment to share with the Council.

Last month, the City of Dewey was up 13.5-percent in sales tax collections. Things took a drastic change as the city is now down 14.7-percent. The big increase from last month was because someone paid late, which was why they had a big increase. This time, sales were just low.

Approximately $54,950 was collected in sales tax in Dewey in August. The tobacco tax came in at $657 while the use tax came in at $9,162.

Last May, residents in Dewey approved to increase the city’s sales tax rate for the first time in decades. As of Tuesday, Oct. 1st, The new 3.4-percent sales tax rate went into effect on Tuesday, Oct. 1st. Trease said this should help with their collections, but he doesn’t expect to see an increase until December.

The sales tax rate now matches Bartlesville’s sales tax rate. With State and Washington County taxes included, the total rate is 8.9-percent. For more on the Dewey sales tax election results from last may, click here.

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