Britain Sets Brexit Election Showdown for December 12


The United Kingdom is set to have another general election on Dec. 12. Prime Minister Boris Johnson pushed to hold the general election before Christmas, and finally won his fourth bid to do so on Tuesday, giving him a rare bit of good news. Johnson has failed to take the U.K. out of the European Union by Oct. 31, which he promised to do when he took over as prime minister in July. On Monday, he wrote to the EU to accept a three-month Brexit extension deadline. His Conservative Party will now campaign to complete Brexit by Jan. 31. The Labour Party will campaign on the promise of a second referendum, which would allow the public to once again vote on Brexit. Labour had been divided over whether to support Johnson’s desire to hold a general election prior to a referendum. Labour eventually agreed to the general election in large part due to Johnson’s failure to pull off Brexit before his Oct. 31 deadline. “I’m ready for it, we’re ready for it,” Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said of the election.

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