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While on BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme Diane Abbott was asked how she would personally position herself regarding Brexit in her election campaign leaflets. Ms Abbott insisted that she would be promoting the Labour Party’s Brexit strategy and attempted to go into more detail before the host cut her off. Today Programme host Mishal Husain argued the public know the Labour Party’s strategy but would rather know if Ms Abbott would actively fight to stop Brexit if reelected as a Labour MP.

Ms Husain began: “It is a big question of our membership of the EU and what Labour’s position is going to be.

“The Labour Party’s position is now well known.

“I just wanted to know how you are personally going to position yourself in your campaign literature.

“What are you going to say in your leaflets about whether you are pro-Remain or not?”

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Ms Abbott replied: “I’m going to be putting forward Labour’s policy.

“Labour’s policy is that when we get into Government we will negotiate a better Brexit deal.”

The Today Programme host interrupted to inform Ms Abbott that the public is now aware of the Labour Party’s Brexit strategy.

She then reiterated her question of how the Labour MP will convey herself in her campaign literature.

“I am going to say I am a Remainer, i represent a solid Remain constituency and when we have that People’s vote I want to campaign for Remain.”

Ms Husain responded: “Okay, Dawn Butler has said she is going to dress herself up in the European flag in her campaign leaflet.”

Ms Abbott laughed and said she would not go as far as that.”


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