Declaration and consequences of operating small boilers


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The Minister of Environmental Affairs has in terms of Government Notice 831 of 1 November 2013 declared a small boiler as a controlled emitter.

The declaration is in terms of Section 24 of the Environmental Management: Air Quality Act, 2004 (Act 39 of 2004).

Boilers referred to in the notice are fuel burning appliances which use combustible fuel to produce heat for heating water.

Small boilers refers to any boiler with a design capacity equal to 10MW but less than 50MW net heat input per unit, based on the lower calorific value used.

The provisions of this declaration applies to any small boiler whether new, existing or old during normal operating conditions, also taking into account operation during start up, soot blowing (or cleaning of carbon deposits in the boiler onto the heat exchange surface) and during any abnormal incidences.

The declaration sets out time frames for which operators, which include the owner, of small boilers should comply:

(i) All small boilers installed on or after the 1st November 2013 (also referred to as new small boilers) are expected to be complying with the provisions of the notice from the 1st November 2013, and

(ii) All small boilers installed before the 1st November 2013 (also referred to as existing or old small boilers) are expected to comply with the provisions of notice within a period of 5 years which ends on 30 October 2018.

The abovementioned notice requires the following from operators of small boilers:

(a) That they must conduct emission measurements using methods prescribed in Annexure A of the Government Notice 831 of 1 November 2013.

(b) That they must comply with emission standards as prescribed in Part 3 of the notice.

(c) That they must submit emission reports annually to the Air Quality officer of the municipality in the format set out in Annexure C of the notice.

The fundamental reason for publication of the notice by the minister is to control appliance within this specific category which through ambient concentration, bioaccumulation, and deposition or in any other way could present a threat to health and the environment.

Therefore, No person may sell or use any appliance or conduct any activity declared as a controlled emitter unless that appliance or activity complies with the standards as prescribed in the notice. The Municipality through its Air Quality Officer has to ensure the implementation and enforcement of the notice.

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