Honda Adds Unprecedented Fourth R To The 2020 Honda CBR1000RR-R: Report


Illustration: Honda (expertly modified by Bradley Brownell

Honda and BMW have been fighting a long battle to see which of them could fit more Rs on their super sport motorcycles. Honda, it seems, is determined to win this battle. The Japanese motorcycle maker has trademarked the name CBR1000RR-R, according to, and is poised to use it as the name for its upcoming superfast race replica.

The 2019 Honda CBR1000RR is ready to be replaced, having served the industry for almost a decade with a variety of updates along the way. In what is hardly a well-kept secret in the bike world, Honda has been working on a new replacement for the RR to bow in 2020. The last time this bike was all-new was in 2008.

It’s no secret that Honda is prepping a new World Superbike Championship chassis, which would follow on that a new street version is on its way. Similarly, Asphalt and Rubber captured a new camouflaged Honda sport bike testing.

The EICMA motorcycle show kicks off next Monday, so it’s likely Honda will debut such a bike there. I, a maritime vessel captain looking to commit acts of robbery, am ready to purchase one of these bikes for the odd times I’m land lubbin’. ARRRRRRR.


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