Decks R Us contractors accused of swindling at least $250K attempt to get license back

Decks R Us contractors Kevin McGee and Ken Peterson, two men accused of swindling a dozen southern Colorado families out of at least $250K, attempted to appeal their license revocation — but failed.

McGee and Peterson have been the focus of a five-month KRDO investigation that started back in July. You may remember the initial complaint began with five families who reported $164K in losses after hiring the company to construct a new deck.

On Nov. 20, McGee and Peterson filed a public appeal to get their license back. It was the first time we heard McGee express any regret or remorse.

“This has hurt a lot of people and it’s eating me alive inside,” McGee said.

They attributed their “bad behavior” to a change in management. The two referenced their third business partner, Chris Poundstone, who allegedly mishandled the money. Yet, Peterson was questioned during the hearing about why they would allow Poundstone to take on that much responsibility over finances. Peterson didn’t answer the question.

He did, however, make a promise under oath.

“We’re in the process of trying to fix up and rectify the projects we had in place,” said Peterson.

The board voted to reject their request for an appeal. This means both McGee and Peterson will permanently remain without a license.

McGee is facing both criminal and civil charges in two separate lawsuits. He’s due back in court on Dec. 16.

Here’s how it all started.

In each case, each family paid McGee a downpayment for materials and labor.

“We put down the first quarter,” said Michael Clabough, one of the 12 who hired McGee. “That was around $15K.”

Once the decks or materials were delivered, another down payment was due. But once that was paid, everyone said McGee and Peterson disappeared.

  • “He just disappeared,” said Charles and JoAnn Lawson. “Never returned any of our calls.”
  • “He vanished,” said Charlene and Frank Keating.
  • “Didn’t even start the project,” Clabough said.
  • “They just lied to me,” Mia Jennings said.

These 12 families waited anywhere from eight months to as long as two years with hopes to hear back from the company. But as of November 2019, no one has reported hearing from either of them.

“It’s been a nightmare,” said the Lawsons. They paid McGee $93,000 over the course of several down payments for materials and labor. The Lawsons’ deck was never completed.

KRDO reporter Stephanie Sierra questioned McGee back in July over the phone.

“Are you telling me that you’ve done all the work that they’ve paid you for?” we asked.

“Yes,” McGee said.

A week later, we had a scheduled interview with McGee, but he failed to show up. Instead, she ended up speaking with his partner, Ken Peterson of Majestic Outdoor Environments.

“Do you think these people are being treated fairly?” asked Sierra.

“Yes, I think they’re being treated the best they can be,” Peterson said.

Despite promises, none of the work was finished for these five families.

“Something has to be done with these guys,” said Charles Lawson, who later filed a civil lawsuit against McGee just days before he filed for bankruptcy.

Our team again tried to get McGee’s side, first by calling, and then eventually by showing up at the address that was listed on the bankruptcy papers.

We were only able to ask one question before McGee slammed the door.

“Where is the money? Where is it?” we asked. “Talk to my lawyer,” Mcgee said before slamming the door.

On Oct. 16 the Pikes Peak Regional Building Dept. revoked their license following multiple complaints and code violations.

A total of at least $250,000 has seemingly vanished. Meanwhile, the victim list jumped from nine to 12.

“We need them to stop,” said JoAnn Lawson.

Although, all of the 12 families have yet to hear back from either of them. So I questioned them after the hearing.

“I’ve been trying to get ahold of you for five months now,” we told Peterson as he rushed out of the hearing.

“I don’t want to talk to you, Stephanie,” Peterson said.

“Where is the money? You can never seem to answer that question,” Sierra asked.

“It’s at the Lawsons’,” he said.

McGees comments about the Lawson home, don’t make sense. The Lawsons referred to are one of the 12 families who initially reached out to our team.

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