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Noting the state’s revenue projections for the fiscal year starting July 1 have increased $200 million since September, Rep. Mike Ramone, a Republican from the Pike Creek Valley area, requested the Joint Committee on Capital Improvement take some of that money and use it to restore the school property tax subsidy for seniors

But other committee members protested such an action would be entirely outside the group’s scope. Not only would the restoration be a much bigger change than the adjustments the committee was making Thursday, co-chair Sen. Dave Sokola, a Newark Democrat, noted the credit falls under the operating, rather than capital, budget.

Our readers reacted online and on facebook

• I do not think you should have to pay school tax if you have no kids and if you’re retired. — Gabe Percich

• Somebody paid for their schooling. It is a social contract and everyone should pay their fair share. —Mark Fisher

•If I had a choice of where my property tax went, it wouldn’t be schools. — Mark Schmalhofer

•Because you have no interest in whether kids today are educated or not. This is what people say who choose to put their kids in private school. My daughter is grown. I still think it’s important to have good schools so that the next generation is going to succeed. Heck, if for no other reason than that they will be taking care of us eventually. I want them to be able to read and understand how to do it. — Ellen Behringer

•A person should be exempt if your kids go to private school. I pay direct for their education, no using buses, no classes, sports, nothing. Never have gone to public school. — Heather Laskey

• I have never had children here yet I been paying taxes here. When I was away in the service, I worked as a contracted driver for public schools and private schools. There is a big difference. Public schools have waste, fraud,and abuse of taxpayer money is disturbing. Yet it continues,with no accountability. — George Riley

•So folks didn’t pay to support you with educational tax when you were going to school? I don’t understand the “I don’t have kids or my kids are grown.” Someone paid for you to have an education. — Tracey Miller

• If you are 55 and older, have been a Delaware homeowner for 20-plus years, have no children currently enrolled, you should be exempt. — James Elocin

• Here’s a plan, increase the personal income tax by 1.5 -2 % and do away with the state property tax. That way everyone who works in the state pays. No more referendums. The increase will go to an educational fund that will pay for buildings and the building upkeep. Just my idea. — Cindy Christiansen

• Giving the state control is like putting the fox in charge of the hen house. The legislators are bought and paid for by the teachers’ union. — Bob Skuse

• I’ve got a better idea, drop this brain dead no sales tax in this state. In doing the math, only out of staters benefit from it anyway. — Michael Jones

• Lived here my whole life since age 5. Paid taxes a lot of those years including property and school taxes as a married father. Got the $500 the year I turned 65. But none since and my income goes up when social security goes up only. Give back the full tax break. — Darrell Grubbs

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