Coming Soon on ACA Cast: Fundamentals of Tax Time Collections

Coming Soon on ACA Cast: Fundamentals of Tax Time Collections

Tax season can be a balancing act for collection agencies to encourage consumers to pay down their debt with their tax refund while acknowledging they may have other purchases in mind—such as a vacation or new vehicle.

Tackling the conversation early and then on an ongoing basis is a key tip for collectors during tax season, explains Greg Ruffino, director of training at ACA International member company Williams & Fudge Inc. in conversation with Collector magazine Managing Editor Anne Rosso May on an upcoming episode of ACA Cast.

“How things are said are so much more important than what is said,” Ruffino said on this informative, timely episode.

Tune in to Fundamentals of Tax Time Collections on Tuesday, Feb. 15 to hear more insights from Ruffino and read more in an article titled Taking on Tax Time in the February issue of Collector magazine. The episode will be available via ACA Daily and on ACA’s website.

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