Structuring & Restructuring of businessesth

Structuring & Restructuring Of Businesses 

Corporate restructuring refers to the act of reorganising the legal, ownership, operational, or other structures of a company for the purpose of serving the needs of its stakeholders. Businesses may restructure for a variety of purposes such as improving its financial position, gaining a competitive edge within its industry , or to reorganise in order to better meet business objectives. Due to time constraints some businesses may overlook the tax implications that result from the restructuring process.

  • Changing your share structure 
  • transferring assets within a group
  • acquiring or selling a subsidiary  
  • splitting the business
  • Making a large one-off  return value to shareholders.

Churchill tax  can provide an overview of the key tax issues, set out a practical solution that achieves your commercial objectives, and ensure that you carry out the reorganisation without paying unnecessary tax.

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